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Drywall Repair at Portland PDX Airport

Drywall repair

This was a very difficult drywall repair. We had completed a commercial interior painting project and this repair was added in after we were finished. We needed to patch an area that was opened up with 4 galvanized pipes protruding through the opening in the wall. Our onsite foreman Eric, did a little head scratching and then came up with this method to make the repair. He measured the pipes and sketched it onto a piece of drywall. He then cut the 4 holes and then cut the piece of drywall in half. This allowed him to cover the whole patch with drywall and fit neatly around the pipes. It was then plastered to make it smooth, primed and painted to match the existing walls. This is not our typical drywall repair but it does illustrate that talented craftspeople can come up with creative solutions that made for a great repair and a very happy customer.


Products Used: Drywall - Primer - Sherwin Williams Super Paint Satin Acrylic

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