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5 Paint Colors for A Calming Home

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When you come home from a long day at work or school, you want to unwind and relax. Every aspect of your home should feel welcoming and inviting to you, because it is your oasis from the rest of the world. One great way to create the calming atmosphere you want in your home is by picking the right paint colors for your walls. If your Portland or Southwest Washington home needs to be repainted, consider picking some of these calming colors to create a tranquil, restorative ambiance in your home. When you have a color scheme in mind and are ready to get started on your painting project, reach out to our Painting Contractors for a high-quality and long-lasting paint job.


White may seem like a strange choice for your walls. After all, white is often seen as plain and common. However, in small rooms, white can be a great choice to make your space feel larger. If you have a small bathroom or laundry room, choosing white paint can be a smart way to open up and brighten the room. White paint comes in many shades and tones, so be careful when choosing to make sure you get the best fit for your room and tastes. Warm whites are often a good choice in a part of your home that gets a lot of natural light, while cooler whites can really brighten up a darker room. White can also be a great neutral spring board for decorating your room. If you enjoy earthy tones in your home, white looks great with all manner of natural wood furniture and tan textiles. Rich golds and copper accents shine in a white room, and any pop of color really stands out against the white paint. Consider your décor when selecting the paint for your room to be sure that everything comes together in a natural, calming way.


Gray is another neutral color that can work wonders for creating a restful environment. A great option for living spaces such as the living or dining rooms or even the kitchen, gray can really make a statement while still providing a sense of tranquility. Light gray is a safe choice that can really pay off for homeowners who are looking for a versatile color that will work with their existing furniture and décor. Slate gray is a bolder choice that works best on an accent wall, but can work as a main color in the right room. Whichever shade you select for your home, gray is sure to provide a sense of restfulness.


Known for its calming properties, blue is among the most popular colors for home interiors. Because there are so many beautiful shades of blue, it is extremely versatile when decorating your home. Light blues make a beautiful backdrop for your home, reminiscent of a cloudless sky or placid lake. Teal blues can evoke images of the beach on a warm summer day. Deeper blues are a bolder choice, but can be calming like the deep ocean. There are many possible shades to choose from, but whichever you choose will look great paired with white trim.


Associated with stress and anxiety reduction, green is a perfect choice for your home interior. Light, soft green in particular can be a great color for your bedroom walls, your bathroom, or even a sunny foyer. Paint light green anywhere in your home that you want to go to feel more relaxed a refreshed. Deeper greens such as hunter and emerald are far more bold, but could work great as accents in your living spaces as well.


Yellow may seem more energetic than restful, but in the right shade it can be just the color that your home needs for a rejuvenating atmosphere. Pale, warm yellows in a sunny room in the house can help perk your mood for the day. Consider painting your kitchen, laundry room, or living room a happy, delicate yellow that will brighten up your day. If you are more comfortable with neutrals, you can always select a buttery shade of yellow that seems almost beige for just a small hint of restorative yellow in your home.

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