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How Painting Your Homes’ Exterior Can Boost Curb Appeal

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Curb appeal is described as the visual attraction of a property and its surroundings as seen from the road or sidewalk. Most people believe that keeping the curb appeal of their home up is only important if they are trying to sell their home. While it's true that the way the outside of your home looks is vital to selling property; curb appeal can increase the personal satisfaction of your home, help protect your home, and help maintain its value. Below, the team at Fletcher Painting Company will share some Portland house exterior painting ideas that can help make your outer area more attractive.

Paint The Outside Of The House

Painting the entire exterior of your home is a great way to enhance its appearance. Not only will you drastically change your curb appeal, but your home will also look fresh and new. A new layer of paint will also serve as protection against the effects of weather, humidity, rot, pests, mildew, and algae growth. You can paint various materials, including wood, stucco brick, and even cement. If you're unsure whether the exterior of your home can benefit from a fresh paint job, contact us at Fletcher Painting Company.

Change The Color Of The Door

Painting your front door or garage door can significantly increase curb appeal. Colorful front doors are in style right now and can add a vibrant and inviting touch to your home's overall look. If you have a garage attached, it'll most likely make up a large part of the front of your residence. If the garage door looks worn or old, a fresh coat of paint can revive and refresh the entire house's look.

Add Paint Or Stain To The Fence

A visible fence from the road that needs painting can make the outside area look dated and worn. If paint is peeling or if the stain is fading, contact our team for a painting quote. Another easy way to boost your curb appeal is by having your fence pressure washed—pressure washing will restore its original color and rid your fence of grime and dirt.

Paint the Trim and Shutters

Sometimes homeowners choose contrasting colors for their windows, door trim, and blinds on the outside of the house. Selecting to paint the trim or panels a simple white or stark black is a common theme in home exterior design.

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