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Modernize the Appearance of Your Home With Exterior Painting Tips

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When you start thinking about the notion of hiring a professional house painter, you have a lot to consider. For instance, what’s the motivation behind painting your home?

Is your house long overdue for a fresh color? Are you thinking about selling your home? Or do you just want to apply a new coat of the old color to make it look better?

When asked, most homeowners admitted they hoped to update the appearance. Improving the curb appeal with a more modern look and color scheme is an excellent reason, as long as you have a plan of action in place.

Update, Upgrade & Beautify With Exterior House Painting

The most effective way to get superior results from your exterior painting project is the color scheme. The colors you choose and the pairing of the right colors are what will make or break your house painting plans.

Some ideal examples of colors being currently used to create a modern look and feel are:

  • Grey Grey is winning everything when it comes to exterior painting. Grey is the new beige. In fact, grey and beige are now greige and a color you’ll want to consider. Greige became so popular that homeowners started looking at various shades of grey to use to spruce up the exterior’s visual aesthetics.
  • Blue-Grey Using a two-tone color combination of blue with grey is a win-win. It helps adds a splash to deviate from just a neutral shade. Yet, this pop of blue color doesn’t steal the show and makes it easier to work with surrounding elements, like the landscaping.
  • Grey With Natural Stone Elements The reason grey and stone works so well is that the color scheme is the same. You’ll get natural variances in the grey hues from different stones, but mostly the overall look will be an assortment of subtle greys.
  • Grey with Wood Warm the pairing by adding a softer color with your grey. Buttery tones from wood siding help create a balance and adds beauty. You can also stick to using wood for details like posts, the front door, and the garage door. It will still break up an all grey paint job but without the expense of wood siding.

Trust Fletcher to do the Job

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