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Tips to Prepare for Your Professional Interior Painting

Interior painting

Nothing gets your home looking quite as beautiful and new as a fresh coat of interior paint can. So, if you’re ready to put some luster back into your home, you need to hire a professional house painter to come in and get the place looking its best once more in no time.

Don’t be so hasty about things, though. There is a little bit of work you need to put in before your painter arrives. No worries: When we say “a little” work, we mean a little. Your efforts will be minimal, but they will pay off big time in the form of a beautiful and low-cost interior painting. You can enjoy this quality of paint work by simply following these guidelines:

Clear Out Furniture

Nothing slows down the painting process quite as badly as furniture can. You don’t want paint to get on it. Your painters don’t want to get paint on it. So, what can you do? Simple: Get it moved out. It’s more than worth the time and effort it takes to get a room to be painted cleared out. After all, by making sure there is no furniture in the work area, you can enjoy a number of great perks:

  • The work will get done faster
  • Your bill won’t go up because of added labor costs
  • Your furniture won’t get messed up

Remove Wall Hangings

Another factor to consider when clearing out the room to be painted is any wall hangings. Yes, we understand you took your sweet, precious time to get those hangings installed, but the fact remains: They will prevent your painters from working their best and fastest. So, you need to get them removed. If you want to get things put back exactly where they were before, take pictures before you remove them and ask your painters not to fill in any holes from their hardware.

Take Down Window Treatments

Your home should be a private space, one in which you can do whatever you feel like doing without worrying about scrutiny from the outside world – or, worse, the threat of peeping Toms. So, naturally, you keep things private by installing window treatments, though they will only get in your painters’ way. You will have to take them down, of course, but for privacy’s sake, wait till the last minute before you remove any of these coverings:

  • Blinds
  • Shades
  • Shutters
  • Curtains
  • Other coverings

Contain Your Pets

Your pets are wonderful, aren’t they? They’re little balls of fur and love that live to make your life as joyful and wonderful as can be. Of course, the same can’t be said when it comes to your painters. For them, your pets simply mean an excitable mess that leaves fur and paw prints all over the worksite. So, before your painter arrives, make sure to contain your lovable furry children before they mess up the work your painter’s trying to accomplish.

Be Sure You’re Hiring a Dependable Painter

Above all else, if you want to make sure you’re getting a high-quality interior painting, you’ll want to make sure you’re having that job handled by an experienced painting contractor. In the Vancouver and Portland metro area that contractor should be none other than Fletcher Painting Company. Call us today if you’re ready to get your home looking like brand new with our quality interior painting work.


If you are looking for a Vancouver House Painter or Painting Contractor in the Portland area, then please call 360-687-2468 or complete our online request form.